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Video Production Solutions:
    Video Loops for Exhibits
    Corporate Events
    Landing Page Videos
    One Spark Videos
    WEB Videos
    Video Production
    Video Editing
    Video Graphics
    Testimonial Videos
    Video Interviews
    Documentary Films
    Exhibit Videos
    Convention Booth Videos
    2D & 3D Animation
    Sales Training
    Real Estate Videos
    Documentary Films
    Corporate Videos
    Event Videos
    Motion Graphics
    Highlight Reels
    Trade Show Display Videos


Providing END to END solutions:
 Video Production Shoot & Edit
 Video Production Music Video Production
 Video Production Choreography
 Video Production Lighting
 Video Production Videography
 Video Production Directing
 Video Production Multi-Camera Switching
 Video Production On-Location Production
 Video Production Teleprompting
 Video Production Full Finish Editing
 Video Production Show Opens & Graphics
 Video Production Commercial Production
 Video Production International Translations
 Video Production Narration & Voice Overs
 Video Production Brochures & Print Design

       Green Screen            CHROMA KEYING
       or GREEN SCREENING...

is the most versatile method of originating video, giving you a lot more options during editing.

Enterprise Videos
Enterprise Videos
Charleston, SC


Call us and tell us what you want in your next video!
If you don't have a video on your website, you should!  We can make a versatile, multi-functional WEB video that you can eMail, upload to YouTube, show on your WEB site or even deliver as a DVD.

Professional Video Services



Live Switched Multiple Cameras
Live Cameras Lighting Lens HDTV
On Location Production

    Record Live Multiple Cameras             
You may need more than one camera, or in multiple locations.   John will customize every solution!
           Video Production Multiple Cameras used during shoot can be selectively edited during post
           Video Production Real Estate agent or property videos!
           Video Production Corporate, industrial or testimonial programs
           Video Production Documentaries & Continuing Education Vidoes

Digital Video Editing
Live Cameras Lens HDTV
     On Location ProductionPlay

    Get Attendees into Your Booth!             
Increase interaction with a compelling video loop that encourages people to interact.
           Video Production Get customers talking to your sales force
           Video Production Tour your facility, let your executives speak
           Video Production Develop your customer base while driving sales
           Video Production Demonstrate your products & services in the field

Digital Video Editing
Non-linear editing

    Non-Linear Digital Video Editing             
John will edit your video using the appropriate software for the job.  We are very compatible!

           Video Production Import from what you've got
           Video Production Revise old programs to new media
           Video Production Encode & upload digital media for WEB
           Video Production Interactive DVD menu design
           Video Production AVID Media Composer
           Video Production Grass Valley EDIUS
           Video Production Adobe Premiere
           Video Production MAC & PC interformat system
Graphic Design

    Design, Animation and Motion Graphics
John will incorporate existing images or create them "on-the-fly" during your edit.
           Video Production Animatics or quick sketches for a moving storyboard
           Video Production Video Graphics for multi-layered motion segments or WEB advertising
           Video Production 3D Modeling and Animation, character development and unique product modeling
           Video Production John can convert existing elements from powerpoint or other electronic media

Green Screen Production
Live Cameras

    Green Screen Chroma Key Production
Replace your background after the shoot with professional Green & Blue Screen effects.
           Video Production Place your talent in different locations
           Video Production 10' X 30' wide portable green screen rigging available
           Video Production Replace backgrounds with still or Motion Graphics
           Video Production Customize your set with 3D virtual reality backgrounds composited during edit

Original Music
Original Music CD 
       Music Video productionPlay

    John will record your on camera audio, booth vocal track, live music or combination thereof...
Audio makes the viewer "listen" to the visuals and drives the action from scene to scene.
Attention to detail results in quality audio recordings without extraneous background noise.
           Video Production All videos require audio that helps tell the story, this audio needs to be recorded well.
           Video Production Record live band or individual performances
           Video Production Properly mixing levels in a live production or in a post environment
           Video Production Sound effects can be just as important and the score and the script

Studio and Location Production

    Appropriate lighting is necessary in all circumstances
The right kind of illumination needs to be provided for every shot!
           Video Production Lighting may be hund or mounted on stands safely during on-location shooting
           Video Production Color temperature needs to be maintainted throughout all scenes
           Video Production Quick kits for simple location shoots, interviews & product shots
           Video Production Studio lighting to give just the right amount for the look you want

Studio and Location Production

    Teleprompters for on camera talent - no memorizing scripts !
The ideal way for delivering speeches, lectures, training, video scripts, and for any other scenario that requires the speaker to communicate without having to memorize long scripts and forgetting lines.  Your talent can read their script while looking directly at the camera.
           Video Production Scrolls text at variable speeds, vary font size for easy reading
           Video Production Import documents using thumb drive, edit scripts and go right back to shooting
           Video Production Small size and completely portable, it can be used in remote locations

John Willman    Charleston, SC   843-300-0232
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