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       Green Screen            CHROMA KEYING
       or GREEN SCREENING...

is the most versatile method of originating video, giving you a lot more options during editing.

Enterprise Videos
Enterprise Videos
 Charleston, SC

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If you don't have a video on your website, you should!  We can make a versatile, multi-functional WEB video that you can eMail, upload to YouTube, show on your WEB site or even deliver as a DVD.




  Best in the Business  

John Willman

John Willman - President, Senior Director Video Production
    John has worked on thousands of video projects in a variety of industries.  His experience as Cheif Editor with several widely successful production houses has led him to create and develop Enterprise Videos. 
 John was a pioneer in creating complex motion graphics and multi-layer compositing during the advent of the digital age and builds programs from the inside out.
    John has a complete marketing background and has streamlined product-price spots for Piggly Wiggly, Stein Optical, Mills Fleet Farm, True Value Hardware stores and others.  He has taken napkin concepts and created stunning visually appealing commercials for enterprise class companies throughout the country.
    John has created a cross platform MAC/PC editing environment at Enterprise Videos and has earned multiple Addys and regional awards.  He has a unique way of looking at things to keep your production running smoothly, but his real focus is striving to deliver "better than imagined" results.
      • eMail or call 843-300-0232 for more information Willman Profile on Freelance Designers

Scott Leigh

Scott Leigh / Director / Songwriter / Choreographer
    Scott started his career as a dancer, training nine hours a day and performing up and down the East Coast. Pursuing a career as a singer, he still found time to sneak away from the recording studio to continue dancing and choreographing. He has had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in Latin, European, dance and country music, dancing in music videos, choreographing tours and performing in Award shows.
    Scott is the founder of AKYA Productions, LLC which focuses on commercial, video, stage and music production. Scott teaches and raises awareness in a fun interactive way through his music. He has produced songs, commercials and videos tailor made that deal with topics such as; abduction awareness, bullying, believing in yourself, exercising and more.
    In 2010, Scott was recognized nationally and internationally after producing a musical commercial for a political campaign. It was featured on FOX News, CNN and CBS News, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and The Wallstreet Journal and others.                      
      • Visit for more information

Scott Leigh

Carolyn Klucha / Advertising ~ Marketing
Klucha is the owner of ckDirect, Inc., a woman-owned company based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. 
    The advertising and marketing firm was established in 2000 and services a wide variety of client across all industries including banking, credit cards, mortgages and loans, health insurance, real estate, garden and landscape, non-profits and many others. 
    The company provides expertise in all direct marketing channels including direct mail, email, collateral, event marketing, social marking and others. 
    Carolyn's past career experience in marketing and advertising with major credit card issuers and an advertising firm, combined with her journalism degree and writing experience makes working with her and her team easy and seamless. ckDirect has a proven track record of successful creative design and strategies. She establishes partnerships with her clients to ensure the most effective and efficient outcomes.                     
      • eMail Carolyn at
or call 904-287-2217 for more information

William Mora

William G. Mora - Marketing / Client Relations / Translations
    A Venezuelan-born American entrepreneur,  William G. Mora has his MBA in Engineering and has been a Consulting Business Specialist since 1987 with key assignments in the U.S., Latin America, Caribbean territories and Europe.
    William deliveres a wide range of cultural and international business awareness and training programs. A board member of several Jacksonville organizations he is also the President and CEO of GM Consulting - Gamma Brands, which represents U.S. companies abroad in developing International markets and handles outsourcing for overseas companies that want to do business in the US.
      • Specializes in International Business in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe.
      • B2B marketing and sales of high-end, hi-tech industrial machinery
      • Development and supervision of international distribution network.
      • Visit for more information



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