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video technicians and artists
with years of experience.  We have provided services for:
 • Video Wisconsin
 • White Hawk Pictures
 • Pixel Box
 • Stein Optical
 • CK Direct
 • CSX
 • Mills Fleet Farm
 • Briggs and Stratton
 • Bobcat
 • GE Medical
 • Wisconsin Dells
 • Kimberly Clark
 • Excalibur Motor Cars
 • Harley Davidson
 • Johnson Wax
 • Milwaukee Brewers
 • Easy Edit Video
 • Steinhafels
 • Klements Sausage
 • Mercury Marine

   We don't claim to own the video excerpts you see here, they are for demonstration purposes only, intended to be
samples of work performed
in part by video professionals referenced and are excellent examples of their capabilities.

    Feel free to contact these companies directly for more information on their products
and services.  They like that.

Corporate Videos


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changes the way you can produce videos, thereby changing the way companies market their products and services.  On location there is ambient noise, rain and unknown lighting problems, let Enterprise Videos shoot a chroma key.

     Our 30 foot wide green screen is portable and can handle large groups or moving talent.   Using chroma key technology we can replace the green screen background behind the on camera talent, allowing more creative options in editing than you have ever had.

     Schedule your chroma green screen shoot so you'll have more options in editing tomorrow.  Check out our video gallery for some recent examples of web videos, commercials, music videos, and more.

Green Screen Elements

           Background                          Green Screen                     Chroma Keyed

 Shooting on Green Screen keeps you in a controlled environment and your talent can "virtually" be placed in any location, within a virtual set, like in front of the Great Wall of China, a deep space background or even right on your WEB site.

     Contact Enterprise Videos at 866-733-8378 to find out how we can chroma key your next project.

Enterprise Videos      Green Screen Production in Charleston, SC      843-300-0232
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