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John Willman's video work has provided quality production services...
  Video Production  Charleston, SC
  Video Production  Jacksonville, FL
  Video Production  Milwaukee, WI
  Video Production  Brookfield, WI
  Video Production  Lighting
  Video Production  Audio Recording
  Video Production  Videography
  Video Production  Video Editing
  Video Production  Graphic Design
  Video Production  Video for Exhibits
  Video Production  Corporate Events
  Video Production  WEB Videos
  Video Production  Landing Page Videos
  Video Production  Video Production
  Video Production  Video Editing
  Video Production  Start Ups
  Video Production  Video Graphics
  Video Production  Infomercials
  Video Production  Testimonial Videos
  Video Production  Video Interviews
  Video Production  Documentary Films
  Video Production  Exhibit Videos
  Video Production  Convention Booth Videos
  Video Production  2D & 3D Animation
  Video Production  Sales Training
  Video Production  Real Estate Videos
  Video Production  Documentary Films
  Video Production  Corporate Videos
  Video Production  Event Videos
  Video Production  Motion Graphics
  Video Production  Highlight Reels
  Video Production  Trade Show Display Videos
  Video Production  YouTube Uploads
  Video Production  Viral Videos
  Video Production  Multi-Camera Coverage

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Enterprise Videos
John Willman
 Charleston, SC


If you don't have a video on your website, you should!  John can make a versatile, multi-functional WEB video that you can eMail, upload to YouTube, show on your WEB site or even deliver as a DVD.





Video Production Jacksonville904-866-0043

Enterprise Videos Editing


    Enterprise class organizations have trusted John to create effective multi-purpose videos.
Growing businesses have called upon John to help build their brand.

    JOHN WILLMAN is an efficient video creator who provides expert video production in and around Charleston.

    Creating media content for...
   Video Production  Trade Show Exibit videos
   Video Production  WEB Commercials
   Video Production  Corporate Overviews
   Video Production  Education
   Video Production  Tourism
   Video Production  Booth & Display Videos
   Video Production  Testimonials
   Video Production  Explainer Videos
   Video Production  Real Estate Videos

   Video Production  Video Graphics
   Video Production  Sales & Promotional Videos
                             ..."better than imagined"    John provides media catering, not fast food video meals.  Unlike cookie cutter WEBmercials with no customization John spends the time needed to make your programs stand out.
Video Walk Through
    Expand your company with a VIDEO SALES REP available 24/7
John can shoot in the morning and edit in the afternoon, add graphics and music, then upload to the WEB that afternoon.

Video production  video editing  video graphics
Why video?
Why your company?
Why John Willman?
John will become one of your team!

Unmatched proven knowledge and creativity!

Delivers "Better Than Imagined" results.

John's mult-step process makes it easy:
        Video Production  John shoots your video
        Video Production  Records the narration
        Video Production  Edits your video content
        Video Production  Designs graphics to your specs
   Video Production  Interviews for a testimonial
   Video Production  Mixes in royalty free music  
   Video Production  Renders motion graphics
   Video Production  Burns to DVD & flash drives
   Video Production  Uploads your video to YouTube            & links to your webpage
   Trust John to create a video production your customers are looking for.

Call John in Charleston at 843-300-0232


John Willman    Charleston, SC     843-300-0232
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